TextaParent & Facility Connection

We are delighted to offer your school the ability to connect your Textaparent account to your Facility Administration System. A number of schools have requested this option over the last year and we hope that it will make school to parent communication a little easier.

  • Log in to your TextaParent account using the admin profile (P), once logged in, on the right hand side under your name, hit the down arrow, choose ‘School Profile’, then in the left menu choose ‘API’\
  • Hit the ‘NEW SECRET’ button if you have not already generated one .If you already have a secret generated then copy this key.
  • Go to your Facility system Go to Options > Configuration > Master Scroll to the SMS Section In the HTTP request string enter the following 

        https://app.textaparent.ie/api/new_message?rollnum=<<>>&secret=<< >>&recipients=<<>>&body=<<>>&sender=<<>>

  • In the Password option enter the API Secret that you have recorded from TextaParent In the Sender Name enter any value that you wish In the Username entry put in your school roll number that you use to log into TextaParent
You should now be able to send SMS messages from your Facility system via TextaParent. If you have any questions please contact your system administrator. Please note that your credit balance must be maintained through your TextaParent account.

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